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The topic for the next fifth Sunday discussion ( May, 30, 2010) is: Are there limits as to what we ask from God in prayer and what we offer in thanks?

Have you ever tried to bargain with God?

One class member last week expressed his feeling of failure when he said,”I quess I have not prayed enough.”

I heard a song this week, Thank God for Unanswered Prayers.

Forty minuites won’t be long enough to for this discussion.  Joe Monre, said that we did not have enough time last Sunday.

I hope we can make better use of this blog to expand our discussions.

I am keeping a prayer journal until the next fifth Sunday discussion.  I challange you all to do the same.



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The discussion today on being parents of adult children showed the depth of the emotions that we have when our children wander away from the Christian faith and way of life that we chose.   I can not know the pain of feeling  failure in thinking that my childs decisions are the result of  what I did or did not do.   I found another reason to pray for others.

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